Primavera has been been offering effective maintenance solutions for commercial asphalt projects throughout the Phoenix area for many years and our professionals can help you make the right decisions from here forward.

Asphalt that is well maintained and cared for tends to live longer and require fewer large repairs throughout time so reach out to us for long-lasting repairs and preventative maintenance.

We have the team, equipment & experience needed to ensure your commercial asphalt is in the best hands.  Contact us today.

Why Primavera?

The team you choose to manage your asphalt repair and maintenance needs makes all the difference.  Primavera Grading & Paving stands ready to assist you with the team, equipment & knowledge needed for you to find long-lasting success. 


  • 3 Generations of paving professionals
  • 25+ professional pavers on staff
  • Office staff is dedicated to details
  • We have the equipment ready



We have been successfully grading the Phoenix area for more than 30 years and possess a deep understanding of the land throughout.

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Chances are that a majority of Phoenix residents have been on pavement we put down some time throughout the last 3 decades.

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Let the Primavera team with our many years of experience help prolong the life & reliability of your commercial asphalt project.

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PRIMAVERA Grading and Paving in Phoenix Arizona
PRIMAVERA Grading and Paving in Phoenix Arizona

PRIMAVERA Grading and Paving in Phoenix Arizona