Imagine School at Camelback

This Phoenix school reached out to our team to see if we were in any way able to help them provide a new asphalt playground area for their amazing students.  The existing asphalt cover they had before was warped, cracked, pot-holed and a serious tripping hazard for students while they were playing outside at recess.  We spoke with a few truly wonderful companies we work with and coordinated their contribution of materials, milling, striping & labor.

This was not just some band aid solution to make it better for now, but rather a complete renovation that will last for many years to come.  We had to destroy & remove everything that was there before, work the land so the new asphalt has a solid foundation & build-up the various layers in a way that it will be able to withstand the abuse of mother nature and playful children.  After all of our teams worked together in a coordinated effort to donate labor and materials worth $25k, the students can now have a safer and more enjoyable experience when playing outside.

From what we hear, the school is extremely happy and it warms our heart to know we had a part in making this happen for these beautiful children.  Giving back to the community in a real way is something we should all do, imagine the possibilities.

"Our reputation is built on solid ground"

Oscar Estrada, Owner of Primavera

“Estrada, meaning "road." Derived from the Latin stata, denoting a "road or paved way," which in turn derives from sternere, "to strew or cover."

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