Asphalt Paving

The art in which asphalt pavement is created & applied so it provides ongoing strength & flexability

Asphalt is used in many ways throughout our lives, is normally less costly than concrete, far more flexible and it takes less time to work while still providing amazing service for 20+ years (with the proper maintenance).

Even more important however is the stuff you don't see as this is where you get true strength & ongoing longevity.  Without the right team, training, experience & materials at your disposal, your beautiful project can quickly turn into a maintenance nightmare.

Surface: Protects the underlying base course from traffic / weather while providing adequate tire friction & light reflectance for driving at night.

Base: Structurally improves the load-supporting capacity of the pavement, resistance to fatigue, provides drainage & gives added protection against frost

Subbase:  The main load-bearing layer of the pavement which is necessary for surfaces used by vehicles.

Why Primavera?

The team you choose to assist with your grading needs makes all the difference.  Primavera Grading & Paving stands ready to assist you with the team, equipment & knowledge needed for you to find long-lasting success.

  • 3 Generations of paving professionals
  • 25+ professional pavers on staff
  • Office staff is dedicated to details
  • We have the equipment ready

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Asphalt paving in Phoenix Arizona Primavera Grading & Paving

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PRIMAVERA Grading and Paving in Phoenix Arizona
PRIMAVERA Grading and Paving in Phoenix Arizona

PRIMAVERA Grading and Paving in Phoenix Arizona