Blacktop Companies in Phoenix

Primavera Asphalt Grading & Paving is one of the leading blacktop companies in Phoenix, Arizona.  Our team is diverse and we possess the unmatched experience, knowledge & capabilities needed for you to successfully navigate the unique needs of your blacktop project.

Our team offers the best grading and asphalt paving services for commercial projects in Phoenix, Arizona.  We have completed hundreds of projects throughout the Phoenix area and chances are very good that you’ve driven on asphalt our amazing team put down.

Are you looking for blacktop companies in Phoenix?  If so then look no further because you’ve found one of the best asphalt companies in Phoenix & we are here to help make the rest of this process simple for you.  Contact us and you will quickly find out why so many others have as well.

"Our reputation is built on solid ground"

Oscar Estrada, Owner of Primavera


“Estrada, meaning "road." Derived from the Latin stata, denoting a "road or paved way," which in turn derives from sternere, "to strew or cover."

We often have 3 generations of family together on various sites as a family-owned business that understands the importance of building strong & long-lasting relationships.

Between our office and field staff, your project is backed by decades of experience which helps you avoid wasted time & cost.



We have been successfully grading the Phoenix area for more than 30 years and possess a deep understanding of the land throughout.

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Chances are that a majority of Phoenix residents have been on pavement we put down some time throughout the last 3 decades.

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Let the Primavera team with our many years of experience help prolong the life & reliability of your commercial asphalt project.

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