Soil Stabilization

“Altering soils to enhance their physical properties”

Soil stabilization is the physical, chemical, mechanical and biological methods we use to change soil characteristics to meet the needs of any project.  Doing so can bring improvements in increased weight bearing capabilities, tensile strength and overall performance to provide a solid foundation for your project.

Not all projects require soil stabilization but Primavera Grading & Paving can bring in the right team to help you fully understand exactly what is needed to keep the ground from falling out from under your project.  There is no need to look back and wish you had taken the time to fully understand these details.

Don’t sweat it.  Everything becomes easier when you have the best team by your side with the experience, team & equipment needed for any project.  We are well known for turning even the toughest soil into stable solutions, contact Primavera Grading & Paving to have a professional help you navigate the unique needs of your project.

Does your project require soil stabilization?  Who do you call to make sure everything gets done correctly?  Do you need help figuring out the details of your project or do you already have it mostly figured out other than finding the right team to get it done?

Why Primavera?

The team you choose to assist with your grading needs makes all the difference.  Primavera Grading & Paving stands ready to assist you with the team, equipment & knowledge needed for you to find long-lasting success.

  • 3 Generations of paving professionals
  • 25+ professional pavers on staff
  • Office staff is dedicated to details
  • We have the equipment ready
Soil stabilization in Phoenix Arizona Primavera Grading & Paving



We have been successfully grading the Phoenix area for more than 30 years and possess a deep understanding of the land throughout.

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Chances are that a majority of Phoenix residents have been on pavement we put down some time throughout the last 3 decades.

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Let the Primavera team with our many years of experience help prolong the life & reliability of your commercial asphalt project.

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Soil stabilization in Phoenix Arizona Primavera Grading & Paving
PRIMAVERA Grading and Paving in Phoenix Arizona

Soil stabilization in Phoenix Arizona Primavera Grading & Paving