“To pass gradually from one level into another”

Grading is easily one of the most important parts of any project as it ensures foundational items are good for proper drainage & long-term stability.  Without this, you encourage issues like cracks, sinkholes and various things in between.

As seen in the many images throughout our entire website, we have the equipment, team and everything else needed for your success.

Our years of training, certifications & real-world experience are also part of the puzzle that sets our team apart from the rest.

Without proper compaction and drainage, you are speeding towards an eventual financial disaster which is why Primavera Grading & Paving plans ahead to do our very best to help you reduce long term costs.  

Contact us with any questions you can come up with regarding your unique grading needs, or even anything else you think we may be able to help with & we will use all the knowledge & resources at our disposal to help you make informed and understandable decisions.

Why Primavera?

The team you choose to assist with your grading needs makes all the difference.  Primavera Grading & Paving stands ready to assist you with the team, equipment & knowledge needed for you to find long-lasting results.

  • 3 Generations of paving professionals
  • 25+ professional pavers on staff
  • Office staff is dedicated to details
  • We have the equipment ready


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Send us details about your grading needs in Phoenix, Arizona and someone on our team will respond in a timely manner to help you move forward.

Grading in Phoenix, Arizona - Primavera Grading & Paving

Grading in Phoenix, Arizona - Primavera Grading & Paving